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Childhood home modernized

This is the home I grew up in and is still owned by my parents today.  Luckily I was raised in a large yard with parents who gardened when not working.  I still get to play and experiment in this space today.  Over the past years we have witnessed a warming and therefore drying climate.  Many years ago we planted like most (sod and ornamental plants) and like most we had very large water bills.  Even with all the money in the world we should recognize that current landscape practices are not sustainable. 


The Dalton yard has given me a canvas to experiment in.  I had a head start in the Rain Garden concept as for years we have been using boulders, stones, pavers and gravel to design dry streams that direct water away from my home during rainy years.  Our property had many natural stones already in the soil.  Now knowing what we do about Rain Gardens with new techniques we can now assist mother nature in many ways. 


More than 10 years ago we decided to stop our irrigation and let the existing plants that thrive without water remain and duplicate them, while removing the plants that needed too much water to thrive.  Today we have had great success in creating many little biodiversities in our garden.  These areas are green, colorful, decorative, earth cooling and environmentally friendly.  

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