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Architecture that makes sense for the planet

State of the Art and beyond is what defines this 2020 Code Compliant new construction home.  Dan O'Connell hired me to make the dream home he had been designing in his head into reality,  From our first meeting we had established the importance of his home being sustainable.  The wall height and room lengths were designed to have no wood waste from cutting unused material.


The position of the home was thought out when he chose the lot.  There are views in every direction.  Putting windows everywhere would be what most would do, but this would put a huge demand on the earth's resources to keep comfortable in the climate zone of this home. We knew that by designing a long narrow one story using the north and south to cool in summer and warm in winter we could have a medium-large home that stayed comfortably cool in the summer or warm in the winter.  To make the home narrower in the west and east facing  with less windows would create a better envelope and heat barrier. 


Every current code from solar array, car battery station, more efficient insulation, windows and doors are in place with this home.  Soon Rain Gardens will be installed to beautify and invite Biodiversity.

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