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With Newly Planted and Young California Native Landscape

 A well-planned sustainable landscape using native plant landscaping and shrubs can be a way to not only save home energy costs, including your water bill, and help recharge the groundwater, reduce urban runoff and enhance wildlife habitat—overall benefiting yourself and the California watershed.

After remodel, the space rapidly became conditioned and comfortable, even in the middle of a record heat, while there was no air conditioning. Once winter came, the space remained comfortable, even without heating. Both in winter and summer, the client did not need to use the air conditioning or heater often, if at all. 

The clients young native California plants, pictured below, were planted in early summer and survived the record August heat wave.

Nov 1 2022.JPG

"Check out these utility bills.  Gas was $1.50 for the month after taking out the fixed charge.  At $90.40, Edison includes all my car charging.  The whole bill is lower than what gasoline alone would have cost me.


The September SCV Water bill was $38.66, which includes $19.58 for "Fixed Charge" and $10.20 for "Legacy Debt."  Backing these two fixed charges out leaves a "Variable Water Charge" of $8.88 for the month (4 ccf @ $2.22)."

Eco Design & Build Studio Customer Testimonial

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