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Achieving your Paradise at Home

This existing older custom home has many charming elements from old oak trees, to architectural touches and even an added sunroom.  The Marshalls hired me to do what most would not consider, remove the CMU exterior wall that divided the sun room from the kitchen. 


By removing this solid wall, life and light was brought to the dark kitchen.  What was once a dark kitchen is now bright with views of an old oak tree.  And best of all, it opened up the kitchen to conversations, to gatherings and the more chefs a the island kitchen.   To solve the existing limited storage problem in the house and in the kitchen we installed a  custom buffet in the dining room. This way we could determine the height and depth.  It was here the client expressed her colorful side by choosing a deep blue for the cabinet color.  The dining room is located off of the pool area so the blues flow beautifully.


The existing landscape was already well thought out all we did was add Laramie stanepavers, raingardens and DG.  

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